Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Days the Worst Things Happen

Real bad news always strike us in surprise. 
Whatever defenses we devise,
we are standing unwarily, 
making coffee, 
making tea.

The program is interrupted unexpectedly.
 A special announcement is read.

Shots rang out and killed the President!

Airplanes rip into towers.
Thousands are trapped!

Sixteen minutes to landfall,
the spaceship is breaking up!

People are in pieces.
We are standing numb.

We forget about the coffee, tea.
We are transfixed to the radio, TV.
Good people lost lives, loved ones, 
friends, family!

The morning is crisp and bright.
The birds are chirping. 
Things look all right.

Yet, we sense something has changed.
Something has happened far away,
something no good,
and we will always remember
what we did that day.

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