Saturday, September 18, 2010

Music & The Mind

Courtesy jcordj66
Today, forty years ago, the legendary Rock & Blues guitarist Jimi Hendrix passed away at the age of 27. He led the genre to unprecedented heights. Countless tried to follow his path.

I missed him on the Isle of Fehmarn. We did not make it. Our mothers did not let us on the train. Three decades later, I had another chance.  We entered a bar on the 600 block of Bourbon Street one day. I believe it was Mango-Mango. I am not sure. A ragged gentleman with a big smile and a front tooth missing immediately captured our attention. He stood on a small podium, playing a white Fender Stratocaster, strung reverse, left-handed and looked like a seasoned version of Jimi Hendrix. He executed Hendrix's pieces with wonderful accuracy, filling our evening without pause. We had a splendid time.

Alas, the gig constituted nothing more than an excellent imitation. The great master himself remains unsurpassed to the day and sorely missed. Thus, Ladies and Gentlemen, let us turn up the volume and remember him with a rare rendition recorded live straight out of Wolgang's vault:

Where Rock Art Lives

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