Friday, November 30, 2007


I have been involved in brain research for about 30 years. That sounds like a long time. But the years went real fast. In science you never reach the finish line. One project leads to the next. Before you even had the chance to wrap up the present work, the new work already has begun.

On one hand this is sad, because you never walk away with the satisfaction that you completed something. It always remains work in progress until you run out of time. On the other hand, it never gets boring. Idleness becomes an alien feeling. Insatiable curiosity is definitely a prerequisite for this profession. Perhaps being a scientist is a state of mind. You do not find this job. You get stuck with it. And after a while your mind becomes so accustomed to the analytical process that you cannot stop it from examining the happenings around you, constantly asking why things are the way they are, do they have to be that way, and can't they be another way.

Because my world appears overcrowded with stuff to ponder, I thought perhaps writing about what grabs my attention on a regular basis would help to keep this fractured mind in focus. Some experiences may be useful to others. I do not mind sharing my insights. Hence, with that said, Peter's Blog is born.