I began writing for this blog a bit more than three years ago. Not really knowing what a blog was, I intended to use it as repository of my experiences and observations that impressed me that deeply that they remained unforgotten. I wanted to preserve this recollections in the cloud for peace of mind in the hope that I will be able to retrieve them from this pensive when needed and in the hope that they may help others in their quest for insight.

In the past three years, this repository has evolved into a collection of more than one hundred regularly updated mini-essays. The topic of some developed at a pace that the updates outgrew the original posts. Multiple separate, yet connected, narratives emerged. To facilitate reader search, links to the posts on this blog are sorted by topic below. The categorization is intentionally kept simple to permit an easy review. Some posts could have been listed under other themes as well; others that did not fit any were left out and may be added under new topics later. I shall keep the list updated, as new posts become available (01/09/11).

Science & Art

Brain & Mind

A Theory of Mind & Related Thoughts
Functional Brain Imaging
Neuroethology: The Nerve Cell Basis of Behavior
Brain Plasticity
Developmental Mental Disorders
Neurodegenerative Disorders
Curative, Restorative and Regenerative Medicine & The Brain

The Financial Crises of 2008, Fundamental Research & Higher Education
Resource Struggles
The Fukushima Quatrology
The ten Fukushima-related essays I wrote in the first year of the disaster can be purchased as kindle e-book here.